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Unhappy at work Helen Froling Career Coach

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Get unstuck in your life & career. Move forward with clarity, confidence and direction.

Wake Up Everyday Loving What You Do.

Be you – Do you – For you 

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I help introverted women to find a career or business which inspires them so that they feel aligned with their strengths, values and purpose.

Discover how the power of identifying your strengths and your unique purpose can help you achieve your WHY for career and life success.

Love what you do every day!

Thinking about what to do


Do you spend a lot of time feeling bored and unchallenged at work?

Do you want to do something different but no idea what to do or how to get there?

On paper, your job looks and sounds great! And you don’t want to give up the title and salary. But why are you still unhappy and burnt out?

Would you like a career more aligned with your values & strengths?

Would you like to find a job that you love and every day is a great day, not just on the weekend!

You are not alone, many women are FEELING STUCK because …..


Your confused where to start


Fear is holding you back


You tell yourself what if I fail


Am I too old to start a new career


You have financial responsibilites and worry about changing your career


Anxious, you feel that there are no employment opportunities available during this global pandemic


Your overthinking your options - WHAT IF?


Have self-limiting beliefs about your strengths & ability


You feel a loss of confidence and identity


Your feeling that you have no options, but know you need a change


I'm scared of rejection and being judged


Imposter Syndrome, believing that your skills don't perfectly match the job criteria

Helen Froling Life Coach

Strengths-Based Career Counsellor & Personal Development Coach

Professional Career Advice For Women

ICF – Professional Registered Coach

Top Career Coaches Helen Froling Identity Empowerment Coaching

“I am thrilled to be one of the featured women in the launch issue of FEMINESSENCE Magazine!”

Hello I’m Helen

Like you, I once had all the above worries spinning around in my crowded mind! 
Twelve years in corporate management was once exciting and fulfilling.
As the years went by, I would think about doing something new with my career, believing that I was not doing the work meant for me. I was not being true to myself.
Deep down, I knew I could not stay on the same path I had been on for much longer. I felt stuck and unchallenged.
An overwhelm of fear held me back. What if I changed my career, and I was unsuccessful!
However, I finally got the kick in the butt I needed. A corporate redundancy and a case of empty nest syndrome. It was time to stop playing safe and start living authentically to who I wanted to become.
After working on my own personal transformation journey. I knew I wanted to help women who are feeling like I did, to find their Identity Empowerment.
I want to help as many women as I can understand who they truly are and to soar high to reach their full potential in their career and their life.
I would love to help you do the same.
Intuitively Understanding How to Help my Clients Create Breakthroughs in Their Careers & Life!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop your overthinking thoughts?

Build your confidence, identify and articulate your value and take action to discover your next career and life journey?

Strengths Career Coaching

What if you had a job you loved, something more, something bigger? How would that make you feel?

If you feel there is something more you’re meant for in this world, but you do not know what that is or how to get there.

Discover a clear sense of what you want and the confidence to allow you to shine, so that you can head in the right direction.

Identify your strengths and launch your dream career or business.

You will improve your mindset, develop clarity, create a career and life plan to achieve your goals and dreams.

So how would you FEEL if you were ……..

Confident, a woman who is ready to look for your new career opportunity

Able to identify and articulate your value

Supported and not alone

Excited and happy about your purpose and future

Had a new sense of self ... A NEW YOU!

Ready to navigate to a better career future

Think more creatively and look for solutions with an open mind

Aware of your natural strengths, skills and talents

Accountable to take action

Feeling accomplished that you are taking the steps required

Experiencing clarity and a clear direction/vision for your new career path

Empowered to be in control of your next career chapter

Brave and resilent, ready to face the job search challenge

Appreciated and Valued

What My Beautiful Clients Are Saying After Working With Me

"Can I please just say a massive thank you for helping me to find the real me"

I no longer live in a space where I constantly criticize, doubt and tell myself that I am not good enough.
My inner critic is just a quiet voice now that I can talk to kindly and re-assure rather than letting it dictate my thoughts and beliefs.
This change in me has affected everything from my relationship with my husband and my children, to how I show up for everyone and what I believe to tell myself, especially at work.
Work was the one place where the inner critic would run wild and I would believe everything it was telling me. I don’t now. Instead I question why I am feeling that way and have the tools to work through it.
Thank you x
Amanda – Brisbane Australia

"I reached out to Helen when I was frazzled and uncertain of where my career should go"

Helen kindly and constructively aided me through the cross-road to the other side, feeling more confident about myself and clear on what my next move should be, through constant motivation and support. If you need some life/career guidance, Helen’s services won’t disappoint!

"The coaching program was wonderful and has definitely got me thinking"

Since my coaching sessions, I have been writing, writing, writing and even got content to start up the blog! It is so lovely being able to get words down on paper again, even things I didn’t even know I was thinking are pouring out, so thank you for your encouragement and the suggestion of the blog.

It has given me the confidence to break away from my present job and move towards being ME, while allowing me the financial freedom to continue to move forward without self-restrictions.

"I am delighted that I saw you yesterday"!

I already feel that our coaching session has made a huge difference to my mindset.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to help me get focused. It was like getting a spring-clean for the mind. Today I feel lighter and less cluttered.

 I felt like a changed person after just one coaching session with Helen.

The very next day, I was able to easily follow through on the goals I had set. She helped me create an achievable action plan and this left me with a clear mind and complete focus.

The result is that I feel as if I am getting more one now – but with less effort.

"If you are thinking 'what's next?' then I recommend a session with Helen. Very clarifying indeed"

I loved my session with Helen. It was so great to hear the feedback from her on my Strengths profile testing. Helen really went into depth on all the quadrants of the Strengths profile feedback and gave me a much better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.

"Helen has a lovely style and really understands women"

She is a warm, caring and compassionate coach and knows how to apply her corporate background to small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to get the best solution for you. Coming from corporate myself, it was refreshing to learn from someone who really understands me. Helen has an empathetic approach but is also intuitive where she is able to draw out your key strengths. I have no hesitation recommending Helen as I gained so much insight about myself. Thank you Helen, I can’t wait to apply the tools I learnt from you and get myself out there with your successful strategies.

"Helen supported me through my career growth and provided invaluable career coaching"

I have further developed my skills and self-confidence working with Helen, achieving my goal of starting my own small business. I found Helen extremely reliable and professional to work with. She is warm and engaging. Has a friendly persona and a great connection with people. Helen’s guidance and working with her as my mentor and coach has really changed my life for the better.

"After being made redundant from my professional career of 20 years"

A friend recommended contacting Helen, as she had also experienced redundancy.

The news was unexpected, and it shocked me. I felt so lost and had lost my confidence. Helen really helped me get my mindset back on track and made me feel worthy and valued for what I could offer an employer. I have now found a job which I love!

"Helen is very good at helping identify one's true passion"

Since my session with her, I have had that at the front of my mind every day.

I worked with Helen to get clarity on my career direction and goals, and to overcome my self-doubt.

She is a wonderful coach with a gentle and caring manner, who holds you accountable for the actions you decide to take to reach your goals. I was really surprised in our last session to realise how many of my goals I had actually achieved over the 6 months with her support and coaching. I now have a clear direction and I am energised and excited about the possibilities. I highly recommend.  

Karyn – Melbourne 

"Want to Feel Bold & Inspired?"

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Let me help you relaunch your career and life.

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Discover your unique strengths

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Transitioning to your new career & life

“Women who take action build confidence”

It starts today by taking the first step towards your career and life goals

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Give a gift which could change their lives and provide them with career clarity, life direction and guidance.

Hello, amazing lady!

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