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I help introverted women how to stand out in a crowded job market!

Find your BRAVE!

Through supportive customised coaching programs and career counselling strategies.

Career advice specifically developed for women and their careers.

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But your apprehensive, you don’t know where to start or what to do next?


Do you have so many thoughts spinning around in your head about how you are going to find your next job?

You are FEELING STUCK because …..


Your confused where to start


Fear is holding you back


You tell yourself what if I fail


Am I too old to start a new career


Worried that you lack the necessary skills


Anxious, you feel that there are no employment opportunities available during this global pandemic


Your overthinking your options - WHAT IF?


Have self-limiting beliefs about your ability


You feel a loss of confidence and identity


No clear vision, where you want to go or where to start


I'm scared of rejection and being judged


Imposter Syndrome, believing that your skills don't perfectly match the job criteria

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop your overthinking thoughts?

Build your confidence, identify and articulate your value and take action to discover your next career move?

Career Change

Have the confidence to shine, learn to embrace your introvert ways and succeed in today’s job market.  Most importantly, improve your mindset.  Develop clarity and the vision for your future career goals.

You will FEEL ……

Confident, a woman who is ready to look for your new career opportunity

Able to identify and articulate your value

Supported and not alone

Excited and happy about your purpose and future

A new sense of self ... A NEW YOU!

Ready to navigate to a better career future

An understanding of your natural strengths, skills and talents

Accountable to take action

Accomplished that you are taking the steps required

Clarity and a clear direction/vision for your new career path

Empowered to be in control of your next career chapter

Brave and resilent, ready to face the job search challenge

Appreciated and Valued

Helen Froling Career Coach

Career Development Practitioner & Life Transition Coach

Professional Career Advice For Women

Hello I’m Helen

Like you, I too am an independent introvert!  Over the years I have learnt to embrace who I am as a person and to be at ease with just being my true self.  Yes, I still catch myself out overthinking and being a perfectionist.  Which I think you would agree, runs through the veins of most introverts.  But I have worked out strategies to find my brave and to be successful in my career and life.
I would love to help you do the same.
Figuring out how to find work, especially in 2020, has been frustrating, confusing and disheartening for many introverted women.  Especially those women wanting to return to work after a career break or transition into a new career.
My mission is to help you become your very best! So that you are the candidate that stands out from the rest!
Be job-ready and articulate your value to a prospective employer

Through 1:1 coaching programs, we will work together in key job search areas.  Each step of your program, I will be there to cheer you on and of course, catch you if you fall!  On completion of your coaching program, you will emerge with confidence, clarity, job search skills and above all a clear direction.

I reached out to Helen when I was frazzled and uncertain of where my career should go. Helen kindly and constructively aided me through the cross-road to the other side feeling more confident about myself and clear on what my next move should be, through constant motivation and support. If you need some life/career guidance Helen’s services won’t disappoint!
Y.S - Sydney Australia

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“Women who take action build confidence”

It starts today by taking the first step towards your career goals

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What Clients are Saying!

“I stumbled across Helen’s website during a time I was feeling a little low.  My youngest adult child was last to leave home and the empty nest feeling started to sink in.  Having plenty of time on my hands I needed to stop going stir crazy and find something to do with my life, there is only so much shopping you can do with your free time!

I had not worked since my 3 children were born, so I enrolled in Helen’s self-discovery program which she customised for my circumstances.  It was an incredibly valuable experience to find out about things I didn’t even really know about myself previously, there were a lot of emotions rising to the top, but Helen’s reassurance made me feel at ease and she was so easy to talk to, she really did bring out my inner thoughts and my confidence.

We worked through my interests and what I had always wanted to achieve in my life.  and my options to grow my skills.  With Helen’s help, I am currently enjoying part-time work and studying to increase my skills.  Honestly, you won’t regret working with Helen, she really understands your needs and brings out the best in you.”


Rachel - Toorak Vic

“I have always found Helen extremely reliable and professional to work with, she is warm and engaging.  Has a friendly persona and a great connection with people.  Helen has always supported me through my career growth and provided invaluable career coaching to develop my skills and self-confidence.  Helen’s guidance and working with her as my mentor and coach has really changed my life for the better.  She has great life experience and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Alana - Mackay Qld

After being made redundant from my professional career of 20 years. A friend recommended contacting Helen as she had also experienced redundancy.

The news was unexpected and it shocked me.  I felt so lost and had lost my confidence.  Helen really helped me get my mindset back on track and made me feel worthy and valued for what I could offer an employer.

She tailored a coaching program for my needs and after working with Helen for a month, I was able to secure work in a completely new field in a position with higher responsibilities and better pay!

Thank you Helen you really saved my sanity!


SK - Brisbane Qld

“Helen is very approachable, she is a great listener, fair-minded and has excellent business knowledge and skills”
Joan - Gladstone Qld

“Helen has excellent communication skills; she is empathic and proactive in helping to motivate people and always very supportive.  Having a good sense of initiative, honest and respectful.”
Lea - Moranbah Qld

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