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"Teaching ambitious introverted women to embrace their self-empowerment"

My purpose is to help women like you find your courage and confidently re-enter the workforce after a career break or re-energise to transition into a new career and life path.

I love it when I work with my clients, seeing them develop and embrace a deeper sense of self and purpose. 

Let me help you say goodbye to your obstacles and to become excited about your future life purpose and career success. 

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Career Counsellor & Life Transition Coach – Helen Froling

Why Did I Change My Career to Become a Career Counsellor and a Life Transition Coach for Women?

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Whilst I was still working in my corporate role, I worked on myself and my professional development.  I went back to study and received my Graduate Certificate as a Career Development Practitioner/Counsellor (Career Coach). And have since received certification as a Life Transformation/Transition Coach and a Life Purpose Coach.

I continue to work on my professional development through various educational sources.  And am registered with CICA as a Professional Career Practitioner.  My professional memberships include the Career Development Association Aust and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I am driven to learn, which ignites me to pass on my knowledge to you.

As a result, I have been able to combine many years of experience and skills.  Empowering women with my coaching and professional corporate, leadership and small business expertise.

So one day,  I attended a meeting at work, my management role in the company was being made redundant. It was a tough time; I was experiencing emotional grief.

A couple of months afterwards, I remember going through airport security. Where the customs officer asked what I did for work. Without giving it a second thought, I responded that I was an operational area manager and travelled for work!!!!

Walking away from the security check, I felt flawed. Why had I said that?

My realisation was wow, I had lost my professional identity.  In effect, I felt confused about who I was and how I fitted into my own life!

My identity became tied to my career!

Without a doubt, the best life and career decision I have made, was becoming a Career Counsellor & Life Transition Coach.

By creating powerful connections, I help women to figure out what they want to create and achieve more of in their career and lives.  

My Why!

After being made redundant from my corporate management role and my girls had grown up and left home.  I had a bit more time on my hands to think about what I wanted to do in life.  My Plan B!

Undoubtedly knowing that if I went straight back into the corporate world, I was not being true to myself.  Therefore, I would not be fulfilling my deepest desires.   

After all, I had received an opportunity to find my life purpose and the career and business I had dreamed of, and that is exactly what I achieved. 

Whilst I may be an introvert, I still enjoy a good chat!  Conversations with my friends and fellow work colleagues of similar age were alike.

At length, we would discuss the fear of doing something completely new in our lives, in particular, starting over again in a new career in midlife.

Most of us did not have the confidence to leave an unfilling job. Some of us wished we could start our own businesses.  Thus still searching for our ‘meant for more’. STUCK – STUCK – STUCK!!

Life transition occurs to women, be it in their personal or professional lives.

Through my toughest life transitions, both personally and professionally, I have built resilience and sought the support to grow stronger as a woman. Including working with a career/personal coach.

I have experienced both personal and professional grief, time off to raise my children, re-established myself in new towns, become the empty-nester.  Recovered from significant health issues, lived and experienced fantastic life opportunities.

Life change is constant sometimes for the good and not-so-good.

Evidently, life events can be stressful and challenging.  However, you don’t need to struggle on your own. You have many people who want to help you.  By taking action to change your current life, you will emerge on the other side with a positive outcome.

Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button and give ourselves some self-care and find a new purpose in our lives, which will provide us with both happiness and fulfilment.

Would you like a helping hand to love your life more, to find a new career direction and a purpose in your life? Let me help you develop a simple action plan, setting motivating & achievable change in your life and your career. As a result, building your confidence to break through the fear of uncertainty and become the ‘renew you’.

Without a doubt my favourite affirmation is,  Every Thought you Think Creates your Reality.   We have only one life to live, so let’s together make the most of every day.

Living connected to ourselves and to others. ♥

My Personal Development:

Grad.Cert Career Development Practitioner/Counsellor

Professional Member of CDAA - Career Development Assoc. Aust.

Professional Member of CICA- Career Industry Council Aust.

Professional Member of ICF - International Coaching Federation

Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Transition Coach

Certified Life Purpose Coach

Prof.Dip - Counselling

Prof.Dip Practice Management (Healthcare)

Prof.Dip Business Accounting & Business Management

Current Studies - Women Empowerment Coaching Cert.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Take care & warm regards

Career Counsellor & Life Transition Coach –

Helen Froling x

Personal and Professional Values

Integrity and Trust

Establish a genuine connection with my clients.   
Remain open-minded and honest, showing transparency at all times.

My commitment is to provide a career counselling & life coaching service which is non-judgemental, respectful and understanding of my client’s needs. 

To encourage my clients to open up and push past their self-limiting beliefs.  To enable them to make personal transformational breakthroughs that lead to achieving their career and life goals.



I work closely with my clients to provide accountability and support.  So you can stay on track to achieve your individual goals through a positive mindset. 

My professional ethics and coaching values are not to dictate to, judge or coerce my clients’ choices, values, lifestyles, plans or beliefs.

As your coach, I will explain the content, purposes, potential benefits and results of coaching assessments and interventions in language that you can easily understand.

Privacy and Compliance

Respect for client privacy is my priority. 

Ensuring that all client communication, whether those communications occur in person, by phone, online or through mobile technology.  My code of conduct is to follow our privacy management policy and the APP guidelines. 

I will ensure full compliance at all times with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.  To provide a professional Career Counselling and Life Transition coaching service.

After being made redundant from my professional career of 20 years. A friend recommended contacting Helen as she had also experienced redundancy.

The news was unexpected and it shocked me.  I felt so lost and had lost my confidence.  Helen really helped me get my mindset back on track and made me feel worthy and valued for what I could offer an employer.  She tailored a coaching program for my needs and after working with Helen for a month, I was able to secure work in a completely new field in a position with higher responsibilities and better pay!

Thank you Helen you really saved my sanity!

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“Women who take action build confidence”

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