Hello, I'm Helen Froling

"I'm passionate about women finding their Identity Empowerment! I want you to know who you truly are, that you are worthy of success and you can do anything you put your mind to''.

I help women to discover a life, career or business which inspires them, so that they feel aligned with their strengths, values and purpose.
To help you find your courage and confidently find your WHY. 
To help you brainstorm your ideas, thoughts and to hold space for you to discover your aha moments!
So whether you are re-entering the workforce after a career break, re-energising your current career, starting a new business, or just seeking a more meaningful life path.
Overcome your self-awareness struggles and find a life you love which inspires you!

My WHY is to help my clients become their very best version of themselves. So that they can take the steps needed to bring success into their lives.
By developing and embracing a deeper sense
of self and purpose.
Let me help you say goodbye to your obstacles and to become excited about your future life purpose and career success. 

Let's Work Together To Find Your WHY!

Curious About What Type of Woman You Are?

Career Counsellor & Life Transition Coach – Helen Froling

Why Did I Change My Career?

Whilst still working in corporate management, our two daughters had grown up and left home, leaving me with a bad case of empty nest syndrome.

I had this empty void of time to fill.

As I’m not one to sit idle for too long. It was time to think long and hard about where I was with my life and where I wanted to be. Deep down, I knew I could not stay on the same career path I had been on for much longer.

Reflecting and being honest with myself, I had felt stuck and unchallenged in my work for a few years.

So, at the young age of 48, I reinvented myself!

In various jobs roles over the years, I spent many of those years in some form of Human Resource Management role. Which I always enjoyed. I also loved coaching my team, helping them overcome their work and personal challenges.

I wanted to find a more purposeful career, one where I could help others in their career and life journey. So whilst still working full time, I went back to university and graduated as a Career Development Practitioner (Counsellor). Later continuing my education as an accredited Career Strengths Practitioner, Life Purpose and Transition Coach.

In the same year, there was a corporate restructuring, and they made my position in the company redundant. Deep down, I knew that this was the kick in the butt I needed to stop playing safe, start living authentically, and start my business I had been planning and dreaming of.

During this time, I experienced the 5 stages of redundancy grief. I felt anger, if only, worry, denial and finally acceptance.

Ironically, it was denial, which was the pivot point for my business.

Shortly after my redundancy, I flew to Melbourne. In conversation, a customs officer, who asked what I did for work. Without giving it a second thought, I responded I was an Operational Area Manager and travelled for work!!!!

Why had I said that? I suddenly realised that I had lost my professional identity. In effect, I was in DENIAL and confused about who I was and how I fitted into my own life.

My Identity Had Become Tied to My Career!

I thought about how many other women have felt the same after redundancy or were not living their true identity, with meaning and authenticity in their career and personal life.

After going through my own personal transformation and soul searching, it has allowed me to affect the lives of others around me.

I instinctively knew I wanted to help women to have their own Identity Empowerment. This was when Identity Empowerment Coaching was born.

My mission is to empower as many women as I can, to help them soar high to reach their full potential in their career and life.

I’m a firm believer that women can achieve great things. We need to stop our self-doubt and stop putting everyone’s needs and priorities in front of our own!

It is a privilege to get to work with amazing women every day, who are ready to take bold and inspired action in their career and life.


Career Counsellor & Life Transition Coach – Helen Froling

But Helen, who are you and what do you love?

Born in Melbourne, Australia and now live in Queensland with my hubby Michael and our fur child, Frankie. We have two beautiful adult daughters, who no longer live at home. An empty nest!

I’m a coach, entrepreneur and extremely passionate about helping women change their world! An introvert by nature and voraciously curious! A naturally driven person who is a life-long learner. I think deeply, searching for reason and meaning. I’m head-strong and determined, but soft in my nature. I’m intuitive, a visionary and boy, can I invent some out of the box great ideas (just ask my hubby LOL). My response to him is ”if I can think about it, I can create it!”

I love to build connection and help uplift those around me. I also enjoy my downtime with a good business/self-development book or a romantic heroine novel, not too trashy!

On the weekends, you will find me enjoying a glass or two of red wine or prosecco, grazing over a good cheese platter.

I love dogs! I also love yoga, visualisation meditation, long walks on the beach with Frankie. I’m also a bit of a coffee snob. Starting my day with good quality coffee is a must!

Career Counsellor & Life Transition Coach – Helen Froling

What I want for all women:

My role in the world is to help women find success, abundance, and a life that empowers them. To go from feeling lost, stuck, self-doubting; to finding their direction to transform into living a first-class life. 

After experiencing my personal transformation, it saddens me to know that there are many more women who are living without knowing what is next for them.

Women do not always recognise their own value and what they can offer.

All women have unique strengths to empower them to achieve their dreams and life’s purpose.

When I hear my clients say:

I have the confidence to break away from my present job and move towards being ME.” ”To move forward without self-restrictions.” 

This is my WHY and what I love to do every day!

Helen Froling and Frankie the Groodle

Frankie & I at our happy place!

My Personal Development:

Grad.Cert Career Development Practitioner/Counsellor

Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner

Professional Member of ICF - International Coaching Federation

Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Transition Coach

Certified Life Purpose Coach

Prof.Dip - Counselling

Prof.Dip Practice Management (Healthcare)

Prof.Dip Business Accounting & Business Management

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Take care & warm regards

Helen  x

Personal and Professional Values

Integrity and Trust

Establish a genuine connection with my clients.   
Remain open-minded and honest, showing transparency at all times.

My commitment is to provide a career counselling & life coaching service which is non-judgemental, respectful and understanding of my client’s needs. 

To encourage my clients to open up and push past their self-limiting beliefs.  To enable them to make personal transformational breakthroughs that lead to achieving their career and life goals.



I work closely with my clients to provide accountability and support.  So you can stay on track to achieve your individual goals through a positive mindset. 

My professional ethics and coaching values are not to dictate to, judge or coerce my clients’ choices, values, lifestyles, plans or beliefs.

As your coach, I will explain the content, purposes, potential benefits and results of coaching assessments and interventions in language that you can easily understand.

Privacy and Compliance

Respect for client privacy is my priority. 

Ensuring that all client communication, whether those communications occur in person, by phone, online or through mobile technology.  My code of conduct is to follow our privacy management policy and the APP guidelines. 

I will ensure full compliance at all times with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.  To provide a professional Career Counselling and Life Transition coaching service.

After being made redundant from my professional career of 20 years. A friend recommended contacting Helen as she had also experienced redundancy.

The news was unexpected and it shocked me.  I felt so lost and had lost my confidence.  Helen really helped me get my mindset back on track and made me feel worthy and valued for what I could offer an employer.  She tailored a coaching program for my needs and after working with Helen for a month, I was able to secure work in a completely new field in a position with higher responsibilities and better pay!

Thank you Helen you really saved my sanity!

SK - Brisbane Qld

“Women who take action build confidence”

It starts today by taking the first step towards your new career and life goals.