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How to get out of your head and make the career move you will love!

Are you juggling conflict in your mind? “Do I go or do I stay”? Or you have no idea what your next job move should be?

What if you knew that Career Development Coaching could empower you to make informed career decisions?  Giving you confidence and helping you with a new way to consider your future career opportunities?

Curious to find out more…………….

Being a mature aged woman, you can experience perceived challenges in your working career.

Have you ever asked  yourself “am I too old”? ……..”What should I do with my life”? …….”If I change my career and it doesn’t work out, what next”? ……. “I can’t risk moving into another job at my age”? I have responsibilities?  As a female, I too can certainly empathise with you and feel from your perspective.  Previously I was once asking myself these same questions!

Sound familiar to you, this is what we call ‘overthinking syndrome’?

Yet, did you know that ageing can bring about new opportunities? Opportunities you may never have had the ability to consider before? Let me help you understand how professional career development coaching can assist you. After all, we place a lot of demands on ourselves, often sacrificing our own needs to meet everyone else’s. Causing conflict with our work-life balance demands and purpose in the work we do. As a career coach and counsellor, my ultimate desire is to assist women like you to find the success you deserve. Through identifying your career values and untapped potential, you create a vision of purpose. Discovering this can help you bring success and personal growth into your life.

When a woman reaches middle age, she may have experienced various stages of career change in her life.

Tailored career coaching programs can help define a women’s specific career change needs. Above all, provide empowerment for women to feel confident. For them to become aware of their abilities and fulfil their ambitions at work and home. As a female career coach, my goal is to equip women with the skills for building their confidence and resilience. But also, to own their power, to be confident in the decisions they make and to find their authentic voice.  Additionally, making career choices which enable them to feel inspired about their future. Career coaching and counselling provide women with the necessary support to gain clarity. To also become unstuck and out of their overthinking mind and self-limiting beliefs. No one size fits all when it comes to career coaching as each woman has individual needs for support. In particular, problems where women feel stuck when making impactful career decisions, are:

  • Starting a new career in a completely different field. As deep down, they know what they are doing is not what they are meant to be doing. Unsure how to understand what their new job is supposed to resemble.
  • Women in midlife needing to build career confidence.
  • Professional women ready to make a move into a leadership management role. Or climb the corporate ladder into an executive position. Held back by a lack of confidence to fulfil their ambitions and professional image.
  • Professional career women who are wanting to break free from their corporate job. Unsure if this is the right move for them.
  • Women while working in their own business. Who needs help to develop their future business goals and vision. Confidence and strategies to improve their leadership staff management.
  • An Entrepreneurial woman, passionate about their business idea, but, unsure how to begin. Or needs the confidence to get started.

Imposter syndrome!!! 

Holding back from applying for a new job position or promotion. Due to feeling a lack of ability, skills and confidence. Coupled with, living with the mindset and belief that you are not good enough. Feeling like a fraud despite possessing the skills to be successful in the role
  • To discover stress management and time management strategies. To learn how to manage their career and life responsibilities effectively. Lack a feeling of control, and struggling to be able to prioritise what is most important. Suffer feeling overwhelmed by female guilt! By pushing their own needs aside and not making their priorities important.
  • Ready to resume working after having been out of the workforce for some time after a career break.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, unsure of how to manage their confidence and emotions after redundancy. Or how to move forward in finding a new career. Losing their professional identity and coping with external validation.
  • Experiencing a significant life change and transition due to separation or divorce. Unsure how to make a living for themselves and to save towards their retirement.

Career Coaching helps women to explore new work opportunities. Job pathways they may have never considered before. We all want to find new meaningful work which brings purpose to our lives.

At the same time, career coaching helps women understand the ever-changing work-life phases. Thus equipping her to manage these changes during her career journey. Women coaching programs can be beneficial for:

  1. Career development evaluation in line with your skills, strengths, interests and values.
  2. To create a customised career strategy and goal-setting plan.
  3. Explore working from home opportunities via remote employment.
  4. Exploring current career options. Looking at an alternative career direction or self-employment opportunities.
  5. Review existing skills and personal development opportunities.
  6. Job search help and tips on how to find those hidden job prospects.
  7. Achieve mindset confidence for interview preparation and personal presentation.
  8. Resume and cover letter customised to your job application.
  9. Creating your LinkedIn professional profile and personal branding.

As part of the coaching session, a career coach may also utilise effective tools and resources. These can assist women in learning more about their authentic self. A Coach will hone in on your skills, interests and strengths. Particularly, helping you to identify behavioural patterns, past achievements and transferrable skills.

Do you dream of finding your ideal career?

A job that enlightens you, where you experience time moving quickly in your day, and you are happy to be at work? A job that just feels right for you.

You particularly feel stagnant in a career which no longer fulfils our desires or is in line with our values? Your mind stray’s with boredom each day due to unfilling tasks? You no longer feel challenged or growing professionally in our career? Fear and self-limiting beliefs hold you back from having the strength to go for what you truly desire. As women, we also often criticise ourselves internally. We hold back from making a change in our life and career. Often we lack the confidence to make a life-changing decision on our own, especially without seeking approval from others.

Are you are finding yourself stuck in a rut that you can’t seem to shake. Or you are unable to tame your overthinking mind. I can empathise as I have experienced the same roller coaster of emotions.

Is any of this resonating with you? Are wanting to make a commitment to yourself to fix your career uncertainty? If you answered yes, then you are ready for career coaching. I would love to help you get off the roller coaster and achieve your life purpose. Together we will formalise your personalised career plan. A plan which will provide you with clarity and a clear direction. It is exciting when I can help women to unlock their true potential. To put in place learnt strategies to move forward towards their career goals.

Throughout your coaching sessions, we will delve deep into your ‘why’.

You will get to know yourself better!  Enabling you to identify areas in your life which may be causing you resistance?
The reasons why you are feeling stuck and confused. Many of these reasons are perceived challenges. In which you believe are holding you back in your career and life-purpose goals.

Together we will work on strategies to help you move forward in your career journey. My role as your coach is to make you will feel inspired. So to gleam with confidence and have a go-get it attitude. Unquestionably, I want you to discover a clear direction on where you need to be heading in your career. So you can say good-bye to those unproductive thought blocks.  Also, by shifting your mindset, you bring positivity and confidence to your thinking. Career and life-purpose coaching sessions are virtual sessions held one-on-one.  So you could be living anywhere in the world, and we can work together.  But maybe you would rather an off-screen coaching experience via phone.  Whichever you feel most comfortable with, we can even mix your coaching sessions up!

So are you ready to discover your next career move?  Thus creating the kind of life you want?  Above all, when finding your hidden inner talents you can commence living the career and life of your dreams.

Would you like to Learn More how career coaching can assist you? Or are you ready to jump right in by booking your free 30-minute Career Exploration session 1:1 chat? I’m looking forward to helping you make the career move that you will love! You can be confident to know you will receive a customised coaching program. Designed with valuable insight and guidance for your career and life needs. So you to get the results you want to achieve. Thank you for reading to the end of my blog.  My hope is that you found it helpful.  In particular, I want you to know you are not alone in your thoughts and personal struggles.  It is important to realise that together we can without a doubt change our future destiny. With this in mind, don’t forget to remind yourself of my favourite quote, “every thought you think creates your reality”.

Have a great week

Helen x – The Career & Life Empowerment Coach for Women

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It takes a lot of courage to change your life. Deep down, you know you are not living up to your full potential and purpose. You want a more fulfilling life. But you have a case of the ‘what ifs’ with no clear direction on how to achieve change.

So if you are thinking of a career or life change or perhaps your wanting to return to work after an extended period out of the workforce. My programs are designed with you in mind and are customised to the individual women.

Let’s talk about your career/life coaching options and how you can progress forward with a fresh outlook on your options.

Helping you to move forward with clarity and a roadmap to reaching your career and life goals.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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