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Your New Career Pathway Starts Here!

Your New Career Pathway Starts Here

4 x 60 minute coaching sessions


Start taking the next steps towards your new career. Discover your hidden strengths, purpose, and values. Professional Career Counselling services to guide you through your work choices, job search planning and personal self-discovery.

My counselling ethos is a whole-person approach, understanding that not all women’s needs are the same in their life or career.

Your New Career Pathway Starts Here!

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed, because you are uncertain which new career or job you should choose?
Do you need a clear roadmap to help you find a career aligned with your strengths, purpose, and values? 
Do you ever ask yourself, ”why am I in this unhappy job, is this really the career I’m meant to be doing”?

Now is the time for you to shine in your career and life!

We have designed this program to guide you through the unique challenges of re-entering the workforce, transitioning into an alternative career path, or beginning your new career journey.

Launch your new career journey with confidence and clarity.

Your New Career Pathway – 60-Day Program Inclusions:

The program includes 4 x 60 minute, 1:1 coaching sessions either via zoom or telephone, whichever you feel comfortable with. Many useful career worksheets, templates and resources provided to keep you inspired and on track to reach your career goals. Email support in between your coaching sessions and a final progress report, identifying your ideal career matches, clarifying your goals and actions, giving you a roadmap to career clarity.  Supporting you all the way, including celebrating your wins when you unlock your hidden career potential.

1 x 60-minute Career Self-reflection and Discovery Strategy Session

  • To begin, we will work through any obstacles which could hold you back from moving forward on your career journey. Mindset blocks like imposter syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, lack of confidence or the fear of change
  • We work together to help you get unstuck to move forward with your career
  • Helping you with the skills to manage your emotions and thoughts more confidently and positively
  • Lots of great resources to help you move forward in your career search

1 x 60-minute Career Strengths, Values and Alignment 

  • Strengths Profile Full Assessment & Report (valued at $100)
  • Strengths Profile coaching debrief
  • Assessing your career options in line with your key strengths, personality traits, skills, values and unique needs
  • Work on identifying what you love doing and what energies you in your life now, helping you to find more meaningful work
  • Career values identification and core requirements
  • Develop a career action plan to convert your goals into reality

1 x 60-minute Goal Setting and Planning Session

  • We work through what inspires you to reach your life purpose goals
  • Preparation & planning, how to prepare and plan for your new career/job 
  • Career values identification and core requirements
  • Develop a career action plan to convert your goals into reality

1 x 60-minute Job Search & Career Tools Implementation Session

    • Constructive resume critique and feedback and how to tailor for the role you are applying for
    • How to create your tailored cover letter
    • Learning how to communicate your skills, strengths and values to potential employers
    • Creating your elevator pitch
    • Interview preparation and techniques
    • Techniques to settle those interview nerves
    • How and where to network to receive the most traction for job search success
    • Setting up your LinkedIn profile and marketing yourself effectively
    • Job search strategies
    • Review career action plan and begin implementation

    The New Career Pathway Program is ideal for women who are:  

    Re-entering the workforce after a career break because:

    • Your children are now older?
    • Your financial situation has changed?
    • Recently divorced or separated?
    • Illness or death of a loved one?
    • You have moved to a new town, state or country?

    Wanting to transition, begin or relaunch a new career because:

    • You feel bored, unhappy & frustrated in your present job.
    • You want to feel re-energised again in your career
    • You need a corporate exit strategy
    • You are unsure of which career path to take next.
    • You ask yourself often, “what am I doing and is this really the career I am meant to be doing”?
    • You are ready to climb the corporate ladder and move forward in your career.
    • You fear losing a secure job & you lack the confidence to make your next career move. 
    • You ‘re just starting your career journey and need direction and confidence in your career planning. 

    The coaching program was wonderful and has definitely got me thinking.  I have been writing, writing, writing since then and even got content to start up the blog!  It is so lovely being able to get words down on paper again, even things I didn’t even know I was thinking is pouring out, so thank you for your encouragement and the suggestion of the blog.

    It has given me the confidence to break away from my present job and move towards being ME, while allowing me the financial freedom to continue to move forward without self-restrictions.

    Stella - Queensland