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Recreate Your Identity & Discover Your Life Purpose


Be You – Do You – For You ®

Recreate Your Identity &

Discover your Life Purpose

It takes a lot of courage to change your life. Deep down, you know you are not living up to your full potential and purpose. You want a more fulfilling life. But you have a case of the ‘what ifs’ with no clear direction on how to achieve change.

Have the courage to create the life you want!

Recreate Your Identity – Invest in YOU.  Because You are Worth It!

“Who am I” during this life purpose transition program, we go in depth to discover your strengths, purpose, values and the unique you. What your life and career purpose truly is and how to implement change in your life.

This program is ideal if

  • You have been re-evaluating your life direction and are indecisive about your current life direction and your purpose.
  • You are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, because you are uncertain which life path, new career or business you should choose.
  • You need help with creating a roadmap to help you choose a life path or career aligned with your strengths, purpose, and values.
  • You feel stuck and desperately want to escape or re-evaluate your current career.
  • You doubt your ability as your mindset obstacles are holding you back from moving forward.
  • You struggle with procrastination, time management and setting priorities for yourself to enable you to implement change and setting goals.
  • You are ready to make the commitment to yourself for change and transformation in your life and/or your career.

We will dive deep into these coaching sessions, working in-depth on your present mindset and your desired mindset, giving you the skills to manage your emotions and thoughts more positively.

Identifying who you truly are as a person and who you are being in your life right now, building your true identity, aligning balance with your natural self-evolution.

We’ll look at all areas of your life and/or career and target those areas where creating change is most challenging and needed.

Using various tools, including the Strengths Profile assessment tool. As well as using strategies to help move you forward to cope with any irrational beliefs and excuses, procrastination, fear or challenges which may come up during your transformation.

Together we will set achievable goals and an action plan for you to gain a perspective for change and transformation in your life.

I will be there to keep you accountable for each step you make towards your goals and celebrate your wins with you.

Coaching Program Includes:


A 20 minute telephone strategy session, 4 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via either Zoom or telephone (your choice)

Session 1 & 2: Self-reflection and Discovery Strategy Session

  • To begin, we will work through any obstacles which could hold you back from moving forward on your career/ life journey. Mindset blocks like procrastination, imposter syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, inner critic, lack of confidence or the fear of change.
  • We work together to help you get unstuck to move forward with your desired goals.
  • Helping you to implement the skills to manage your emotions and thoughts more confidently and positively

Session 3: Career Strengths, Values & Alignment

  • Professional Strengths Profile Full Assessment & Report (valued at $100).
  • Intensive Strengths Profile coaching debrief.
  • Get clear on your key strengths, personality traits, skills, values and unique needs. What makes you, you!
  • Work on identifying what you love doing and what energies you in your life now, helping you to find more meaningful work.
  • Understanding which areas of your life de-energise you and causing you to feel disconnected. 
  • Identify which careers are aligned with your key strengths.

Session 4: Goal Setting and Planning Session

  • This session is where the magic happens and it all comes together
  • We work through the steps to reach your career/life purpose goals
  • Preparation & planning; how to prepare and plan for your new dream life/career/job/business or find more meaning in your current career or prepare for promotion.
  • Career values identification and core requirements to help you live in a more positive and purposeful way.
  • Working through the transition of change.
  • You will develop a life/career action plan to convert your goals into reality

    Resources included:

    • Exercises, tools and self assessments
    • Full Strengths Profile Expert Report
    • A summary of your coaching program results & the goals you have set
    • As you coach, I will work outside of our sessions analysing the results you want to achieve and preparing your ‘homework assignments’ as well as researching and providing you with unique tools to keep you on track to reach your goals.