Job Search Coaching

Job Search & LinkedIn Career Coaching


Job Search & LinkedIn Career Coaching

Are you finding it hard to secure employment?  Have you already experienced many job application rejections and you don’t know where to turn next?  

Would you like help to stand out in a crowded job market?  Then the Job Search & LinkedIn Career Coaching session is ideal for you!  Let me help you develop an action plan to secure your next job.

We have witnessed massive changes regarding how the job market has changed in 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. 

The job search process can become a daunting experience for many, especially for women who would like to re-enter the workforce or who would like to change their career direction.

With the job market rapidly changing, and more and more people competing for jobs.  It is important to ensure that you are getting the help you need to stand out from the other candidates in a competitive job market.

During your 90-minute coaching session, we work on the following job search and LinkedIn profiling areas:

  • Your current career requirements and the roles you are applying for

  • Learn effective job search strategies and how to find jobs in unique places

  • Tools to optimise your professional online LinkedIn presence

  • Resume/Cover Letter & LinkedIn profile critique

  • The benefits of networking and how to get the most traction for job search success

  • Strategies to develop your elevator pitch to potential employers

  • Develop an action plan to assist you to secure your next job

  • Via Zoom or Telephone, whichever you are most comfortable with

If you are now at the point where you have tried to go it alone with your job search and you are feeling like you are not being seen and just can’t nail that initial interview.

Approach your job search with confidence in a rapidly changing job market.

If you would like a more intensive career counselling/coaching program, click here.