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Do you ever ask yourself;   Who am I really? – Why don’t I feel fulfilled?  – What is life for me as a mature aged woman?

Then Life Purpose & Transformation Coaching is for you, Life Purpose Coaching for fabulous women.  With purpose and direction in your life. You will feel fulfilled and fabulous as a mature aged beautiful woman? You no longer have to do things you don’t want to do and can give yourself the permission to say ‘no’.

Are you ready to take the time to commit to creating the life purpose and the transformation you want? Make your midlife crisis a fabulous time for living your life. Live filled with purpose and appreciation of how wonderful you are. This life experience will not only empower you but also the people who love you the most. Now, you may be thinking, what does it take to find your life purpose? I’m going to generalize here and help you see how you can find your best possible life with life coaching. And as your life coach, I will continually be by your side?

Let’s start by going on a personal self-discovery journey?

A discovery of getting to know your true identity. To help you find your courage and purpose, to start living and being who you want to be. So, by finding your purpose, you are unlocking the thoughts which are holding you back in your life. I know the thoughts in your head FEAR, GUILT, limiting beliefs and self-criticism, am I right?

As your Transformation & Life Purpose Coach, I help you learn to know how to find your life purpose. As well as confront areas in your life where you may feel that you are resisting to start finding your true purpose. Life coaching will help you to understand your self-limiting beliefs. Did you know, self-limiting beliefs are assumptions or perceptions? There are generally about what you think about yourself and the way the world works? Did you also know assumptions may be holding you back from achieving your goals in life, career and business? Limiting beliefs can be assumptions you believe other people may have about you in life.

Life coaching will make you start to discover a clear direction. The direction towards your life goals and personal transformation. As your coach, I will also help you uncover your core values, beliefs and life purpose goals.

That is to say, by learning to accept who you are, know that shift happens.

The next positive breakthrough is you build a growth mindset. Be more confident, less overwhelmed, stress becomes more manageable. You develop a deeper understanding of you as a person and live your authentic life with purpose. Happiness and future desire together with a great sense of personal achievement.

We delve deep in thoughtful life-changing conversations! – Scary at the time but incredibly powerful.

Coaching is to make you explore those things you love to do and what comes easy to you in life. By delving deep into thoughtful life-changing conversations, your life’s purpose reveals itself. To be an effective coach, my number one purpose is for you to take powerful action. To motivate you to live and achieve a higher level of fulfilment and success in your life. Next, my job as your coach is keeping you accountable and focused on your life goals and dreams.

Discover life where you want to go and how you want to achieve life purpose transformation. We all have our own unique life purpose. Life purpose can help guide your life decisions. Influence behaviour, clarify your goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning. Sounds good right! Life purpose also connects you to your true self-identity. The exciting part is it gives you the freedom for life change.

Purpose-driven change in your personal growth. Personal growth can apply to all areas of your life. Personal growth has a lot of possibilities. From improving your personal and social life. Creating a new career or success in operating your own business. You may have always wanted to volunteer or take up a new hobby. It empowers you to take charge of your health and spiritual wellness. Helping you live your life whole-heartedly.

Personal coaching transformation is a gradual process, it takes time.

You may expect your life to change after only a few life coaching session. For most people, big change happens after small steps are taken every day over a period of time. Sometimes you take one step forward, and next, you are taking two steps back in your progress. Other days you are making amazing progress. First and foremost, as your life coach, my role is to support and nurture you (sometimes with tough love). I will be by your side through the tough days and the truly fantastic days. To provide you with the clarity to understand this is perfectly normal behaviour.

People, especially women, can be hard on themselves or give up on their life purpose goals. Giving up, for what they believe is external or internal reasons out of their control. But as your life coach, I will remind you that your WHY is your commitment for purpose and empowered change.

Your biggest challenge is for you to be willing to be uncomfortable. Next to recognise that you wish to change.

Without change, you continue to watch your life pass by knowing that you were meant for more. Once you accept you are ready for change, you are ready for life coaching. Most importantly, to make a commitment to yourself to work through the process.

My life coach purpose is to guide you through the coaching process and support you to get you unstuck! To inspire and empower you for change and personal growth. Change in your life purpose will only happen when you are ready to find your heartfelt calling. To utilise your natural gifts to create flow and balance in your life.

Life coaching sessions are one-on-one, life purpose and transformation program. I am going to coach you to truly have fun and find your spark. My goal is to empower women to thrive. Together we are going to explore what makes your heart sing. Clear out your life clutter and energy zappers. Take action by letting go of daily habits which don’t serve your life purpose. Discover new growth mindset daily habits in line with your purpose. Brainstorm to visualise your smart life goal plans. You will become inspired to plan and practice your new life skills and experience them on a daily basis.

There is no doubt you will have a new perspective on your life purpose. Feel a great sense of achievement, with an abundance of life energy. As Maria Forleo would say, “Everything is figureoutable”

Take action, start now to renew you, love your life and become aligned to your purpose-driven goals. Achieve the results you want in your life. Believe in you, because you can and will achieve life purpose success. Do you know why I know this? Because all change starts with you and I embrace you for being ready to reclaim your life purpose.

Learn More about my Certified Life Coaching sessions. One-on-one life purpose and transformation programs. My passion is Coaching wonderful women, to implement and practise new life skills and experiences on a daily basis. Life coaching, with me, you will receive without a doubt a new perspective on your life purpose. You will feel a great sense of achievement, with an abundance of life energy.

I am also a middle-aged woman and, I have definitely experienced what you are feeling right at this very moment! Thought that you may also like to read a great article on Healthline by Estelle Erasmus an award-winning journalist. 14 Things Women in Their 50s Say They Would Do Differently Remember “every thought you think creates your reality”

Have a great week
The Career & Life Empowerment Coach for Women

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It takes a lot of courage to change your life. Deep down, you know you are not living up to your full potential and purpose. You want a more fulfilling life. But you have a case of the ‘what ifs’ with no clear direction on how to achieve change.

So if you are thinking of a career or life change or perhaps your wanting to return to work after an extended period out of the workforce. My programs are designed with you in mind and are customised to the individual women.

Let’s talk about your career/life coaching options and how you can progress forward with a fresh outlook on your options.

Helping you to move forward with clarity and a roadmap to reaching your career and life goals.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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