Executive Coaching for Women Helen Froling


12 Month Mentoring/Coaching Program

Premium 12-month Mentoring/Coaching Program


Being a woman and an introverted leader can have its challenges in a corporate management/senior level world. I was once in your shoes and understand your challenges!

Unleash your unique potential and see how being an introvert can make you an effective leader in your organisation.

Let me help you dig deep, discover how you can become a more agile and an effective leader.

Learn to manage your own self-sabotage. Become more grounded and confident by being authentically you.

My ethos is a whole-person approach, understanding that not all women’s needs are the same in their life or career.


12 Month Mentoring/Coaching Program

Have you been feeling stuck or overwhelmed for sometime now and no longer feel connected to your business, senior management/executive role?
Is your current career or business aligned with your strengths, purpose, and values? 
Do you struggle with imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, poor time-management or other limiting mindset blocks? 
Are you trying to do it all……. be a good parent, partner, daughter and employee? Are you feeling burnt out, time poor, and just need some structure in your life and career?
Do you ever ask yourself ”why am I unhappy at work, is this really the career I’m meant to be doing”?
Are you wanting long-term career/business/personal success and would you benefit from an accountability partner? 

The time is now – take your career/business and life to the next level

This is a ‘top-shelf’ complete premium package designed to help you find success in both your personal and professional life.  

This mentoring program offers extensive career counselling/or business coaching, life/personal development coaching and professional mentoring. Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Senior Management or Executive Level positions.

We will delve deep and work in-depth on your present mindset and your desired mindset. Building upon your career and life vision and goals. Also focusing on your specific unique needs. Adapting this program to your requirements as you require.   

The Premium Executive 12 month Mentoring/Coaching Program Inclusions:

The program includes 12 x 60 minute, 1:1 private sessions either via zoom or telephone, whichever suits your schedule and circumstances. Or if you prefer, enquire about face-to-face sessions anywhere within Australia. Weekly email support is available in between your 1:1 sessions.

Program Curriculum 

You have the flexibility to design your own mentoring/coaching program tailored to your professional requirements. Select from the curriculum below to help you structure your program.   

Self Reflection and Discovery

  • Personal values and self assessment
  • Growing your confidence and self-awareness as a leader
  • Understanding how your values and self-awareness support your leadership skills
  • Identifying who you are as a leader and your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Personal development, holding and being held accountable to your goals and enhanced productivity
  • Imposter syndrome and other underlying mindset obstacles, poor time management and organisation strategies
  • Guilt management and the pressures of trying to be the superwoman, a professional executive, parent, partner, daughter.
  • How being an introvert can help you be an effective leader
  • Identity check-in, who you truly are vs who you are being

Career Strengths & Alignment

  • Online Strengths Profile Assessment Tool including a comprehensive full report and a 60 minute virtual 1:1 strengths coaching session
  • Identifying your key strengths, those which energise you.
  • Discover unrealised strengths which you could draw upon more frequently
  • Leveraging your key strengths, values, and personality to be aligned with your career and personal life.
  • Be aware of areas where your performance and motivation are at there lowest.
  • Establish if you want to target these de-energising areas for development or minimise them. Possibly drawing upon your strengths to assist you.
  • Utilise this tool to source opportunities for future career development

Career Planning

  • Explore your career interests and matching occupations
  • Define your priorities and goals, identifying what you want in your career
  • Leveraging your key strengths, values and personality to be aligned with your career choice
  • Develop a strategic plan with achievable goals and steps to guide your future career development
  • Gain a perspective for change and transformation. Transitioning to your new career
  • Assess your transferable skills and strengths
  • Review any skills or knowledge gaps of where you are now and where you want to be in your career
  • Training options and skills development
  • Career advancement and salary negotiations
  • Resume and LinkedIn review and critique
  • Option to have a professionally written resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile all tailored for your role and ATS compliant. (Note: this service is at an additional cost to the program, price available upon request)
  • Professional branding on social media and perfecting your elevator pitch
  • Re-energising your current career, how to find your mojo again!

Leadership in the Workplace

  • Leadership development and identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • Effective and strategic leadership
  • How not to be a micro manager
  • Trusting and developing your teams
  • Accepting accountability and taking responsibility as a leader
  • Enhance leadership skills and performance
  • Connection and relationship building with your teams
  • Managing your time and energy
  • Successful delegating
  • Coaching your team using the GROW method
  • How to ask open-ended questions to encourage staff engagement
  • Rewarding your team and building a positive, supportive workplace culture

Workplace Issues & Challenges

  • Conflict management
  • Toxic workplace culture
  • Spot-fire management
  • Time management and prioritising
  • Fragile team relationships
  • Staff performance
  • Workplace Risk Management
  • Business challenges and key decision making
  • Diversity for an inclusive workplace
  • Effective communication within your teams/organisation /stakeholders/ executive management/board directors

The Premium Executive 12-month Program is ideal for professional women who are:  

Ready to transition, climb the corporate ladder or relaunch into a new career.

Wanting to advance their career development in their current role.

Needing to strengthen your capability as a leader and role model.

Wanting to develop strategies to manage your stress, motivation, self-awareness, self-care and any mind-set obstacles getting in your way of success.

Seeking to improve engagement in the workplace

Needing a confidential mentor to discuss openly your workplace and personal challenges. Supporting and listening to your frustrations with having no bias.

Women wanting a corporate career exit strategy. Looking to start their own business or enter retirement.




*Would you prefer face-to-face sessions? No extra cost if you live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Outside of this area will incur a travel surcharge, enquire to receive a quote.